Web resources we like, trust, and use a lot

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Where to even begin!  One of the oldest and largest evidence based resources on the web.  Completely free to all and updated daily.  Worth bookmarking and checking back frequently for sure!


NIH Weight management tools

The National Institute of Health has developed an incredible free weight management/calorie tracking tool.  


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Fantastic resource for not just the latest science but also recipes, educational materials, free 21 day meal planner, and a fantastic podcast!



When optimum performance is your goal why waste calories on foods that impede that performance?  Great resource for educational materials and recipes.



Another fantastic source of constantly updating evidence based nutrition information.  Another resource for recipes too!  


Valter Longo and Longevity

Professor Valter Longo continually publishes new research in the field of longevity.  The 5 day fasting kit ProLon is also available from their site as well.

GameChangers vegan plant based diet performance sport endurance athletes optimal recovery

Game Changers Documentary

Fantastic film that has ruffled more than few feathers.  Great resource for recipes and helpful tips on moving towards a plant based diet in sport and life.