Corporate Wellness


What we offer

By improving diet and lifestyle patterns for clients it is possible and reasonable to improve:  premium costs, medication costs, sick days, quality of life, and quality of work.  We model our work on the CHIP program:  Our services are often covered 100% by many insurance carriers as well.  We work with each individual site to put together a program that works best for them and their staff.

How it works

Often the ideas for a program just come from conversation about your employees needs.  Available time to meet, geography, and demographics all play a role in what may and may not work for your group.  Most commonly we come in for a group presentation/lunch and learn type event to kick things off and assess interest. on the individual level.  This typically runs 60 minutes total which incorporates a presentation, food prep, and Q&A time.  From there we can help gauge what people want and need in a a health promoting program.

Go Big

Some of our more profound successes with clients have started with a group presentation.  Covering wide ranging topics can often spark interest or awareness of the need to change for many.  We find most people have little to no idea what a Dietitian does or how we can help them personally.  Following up on that with individual attention can really propel an employee to succeed in their health/wellness goals!

Staying consistent, accurate, and realistic

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink" is profoundly true for all of us, especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle.  Constantly changing motivations and priorities means that just because a message falls flat today that it won't resonate in the future.  We typically design programs that stretch out over weeks or months, or have both consistency and a helpful cadence.  Staying up to date on nutrition science and recommendations allows us to feel confident that your employees are getting the best nutritional recommendations in real time.


Interested specifically in CHIP?

Contact us if you feel investigating or setting up a CHIP program might be right for your company!

Unsure of what CHIP is?

CHIP is one of the most successful dietary and lifestyle programs in existence.  Over 50,000 people have gone through the classes with impressive results.