Common reasons for visits/Expectations/Results

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Weight Loss

Permanent, sustained weight loss is difficult to manage on your own.  We work with clients to help them understand what realistic, healthy, permanent weight loss looks like.  There are no shortcuts, just good old fashioned sustained effort and following a good plan.  We also monitor body composition as a more useful metric to help separate losing body fat vs. just losing water weight.  The weight loss industry thrives on yo-yo weight gain and loss, let us help you break that cycle.


GERD/Reflux is incredibly common. It's also incredibly treatable with diet and lifestyle change.  Often ignored or just covered up with medications it is a clear symptom of a dietary pattern gone awry.  We help you understand and treat the cause.  Needing the occasional Tums for a not so healthy meal can be OK as long as it is the exception and not the rule.  Our expectation is to have clients be completely asymptomatic within six weeks of dietary change and medication free.


This is a big one.  For Type 1 diabetics the goal here is to help achieve consistent A1c numbers, lower and more consistent insulin injections  as well as set themselves up for a healthy lifespan free of complications.  Type 2 diabetes is far more common but is usually completely reversible if dealt with appropriately in the first few years of diagnosis.  We've helped clients young and old with Type 2 get completely off all medications and they are able to remain that way.  There are no quick fixes here either but give us a visit and we can help explain and provide the best tools to reclaim your health.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Often called the silent killer, high blood pressure is frequently considered normal and unavoidable part of aging.  That does not appear to be correct.  Having and maintaining an optimal blood pressure range is our expectation regardless of age.  Getting completely off of medications is the goal with clients dealing with these issues.  It has happened in as few as 10 days and for some the changes were much slower but after years of consistency we've seen decade long medicated hypertension completely resolve.  For those rare few that don't respond 100% through diet and lifestyle changes, they often end up on a very low dose single medication.

High Cholesterol (Hypercholestemia)

Maybe our favorite condition to work with because clients can see dramatic results in just a few weeks!  Our 30 day average cholesterol drop with clients who make the appropriate dietary changes is just over 50 points. Getting clients to under 150 Total Cholesterol and under 75 LDL is our goal.  Less than 1:300 adults carry the genetics to truly have a genetic cause so don't get discouraged if what you've tried before didn't work.  The other 299 will likely get results with dietary change nearly every time.


Disorders and disease of the intestinal/digestive tract are becoming more common every day.  Sadly most doctors have little knowledge about how the food we run through this elaborate system can impact your health.  Developing a plan to lessen symptoms and flare ups is the plan with many clients becoming asymptomatic over time.


Hormonal disorders of female reproductive organs can be frightening to deal with.  Our goal is to help you navigate the best and most recent dietary strategies to reduce or eliminate these issues short and long term.

NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)

This is a diagnosis that is increasing among Americans every single year.  Our "normal" eating patterns essentially pate' our livers and eventually they can't keep up with the constant abuse.  We'll help you identify and change the necessary dietary and lifestyle pieces to stop negatively impacting your liver and give it the chance to heal properly.

And many more

Chances are if you are dealing with a health issue of any kind, we've seen it before.  There are far too many things to list here but these are some of the most common things that clients come to us for help with.  Feel free to reach out with questions regarding any specific issue you may be dealing with.